LOVE for updating classic design, leather and a handmade touch are the essence of our brand new firm LEMPI.

We offer cosmopolitan women a trendy and functional BAG, designed and handcraffted in Spain. LEMPI knows that the skills and know-how of the Spanish craffsmen paired with top quality Spanish and Italian leather give us a beautiful piece.

The softness and movement of the leather given to our designs make LEMPI BAGS most attractive. The minimalist yet feminine appeal of LEMPI BAGS is as timeless as it is modern and elegant. Simplicity is our hallmark.

LEMPI BAGS colours are selected to be worn the whole year through and to match with any item in your wardrobe, which is helpfull for modern women.


LEMPI uses only fine quality leather in order to create its highly refined articles. First, we prepare the leather for its selection and then it is classified according to thickness, flexibility, color and type.

After that, the process of tanning is started. The deep dyeing process is carried out by means of inmersion in a dye especially intended for a better natural aniline finish. Only this meticulous method makes possible to obtain the beautiful colouring and transparency, flexibility and natural appearance of  leather.

Natural treatments and dyes assure most beautiful and special colors.

NATURAL: soft and smooth calf skin slightly grained with a nappa finish and silky feel.

TIDE: grained calf skin with natural feel.

DUNE: naturally pumped leather with medium grain and uneven finish.

METALLIC: naturally pumped leather, topped with a metallic pigmented coat for a satin finish.

Lempi abides by International Regulations regarding the protection and conservation of Nature when manufacturing all its products.

Some small irregularities are due to craftsmanship and give each piece a special and unique look.


Leather treated in the way described above is sensitive to water, humidity, grease and exposure to intense light.

The best way to take care of your item is to assure its continous care and conservation. Superfitial dirt and stains from daily use disappear without any problem if they are treated as soon as they appear otherwise it will present difficulties at a later date.

If the product gets wet, remove the surface water inmediately with a cloth and let the article dry in the shade at a normal temperature. Water can prove to be harmful if it is allowed to penetrate the leather and it can lead to the appearance of bubbles or marks which cannot be removed. Each type of leather shows different degrees of resistance to the penetration of water.

Never leave your leather article in the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or to a high intensity source of light can result in a discolouring and deformation of the leather which cannot be corrected afterwards. You should keep your article in a well-ventilated dry area, at temperatures of between 15 and 25ª C.

Recent marks can be removed by passing a damp cloth lightly over the leatther. For suede, mettis and nubuck articles, brush the area gently. Top quality and shiny suede discolours to a certain extend due to the tanning and dyeing process. As this cannot be attributed either to the quality of the leather nor to its fabrication, we decline full responsibility.

A reconstituting product should be applied periodically to the calfskin. Be careful to only use a minimun amount of the product, for an excessive application could prove harmful. Let it penetrate and then rub the leather in order to bring out the shine.